In SOLARdarity, we stand!

The SOLARdarity Movement is an opportunity for all proponents of solar energy to come together as a single voice and show their support for solar energy: the world's cleanest and most abundant energy source.

The mission of the SOLARdarity Movement is to make solar energy a formidable presence in the public's mind through unique marketing efforts, advocacy and social media. Social media is a tool that can inspire and catalyze change throughout the world. For the solar community, social media represents an opportunity to empower individuals to show America how solar energy is making a difference in their communities. The goal of the SOLARdarity Movement is to show the world that there are millions of people worldwide that want solar energy to play a leading role in getting us off fossil fuels.

Our goal is to use the best ideas of the entire solar community to create a "guerrilla marketing" campaign to spread our pro-solar message among regular Americans. From our experience, people who love solar energy are wonderfully creative people - we want to harnass that creativity to generate new ideas for telling the world about the benefits of getting our energy directly from the sun. We'll be asking you to send us your ideas for how to use art, music and other creative mediums to promote solar energy at public events and online.

TSF and the SOLARdarity Movement are non-partisan. We do not advocate for any particular solar technology or company over any other. We invite anyone to join who supports the greater use of solar energy to power America.

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