Instructor Training


In order to enhance the training of solar professionals, The Solar Foundation has been an active supporter of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) in its capacity as the National Administrator of the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Instructor Training Network (SITN). This "train-the-trainer" program is designed to fulfill the need for high quality solar workforce training programs and instructors. This program consists of nine Regional Training Providers (RTPs) that offer first-class training for solar instructors in their regions.


The Solar Foundation also supported the development of IREC's Solar Energy Education and Training Best Practices series, designed to help solar training program administrators and instructors enhance existing solar curriculum and provide instructors in related trades programs with ways to integrate solar into their curricula. The Solar Foundation also provided the SITN with extensive background research for its interactive Solar Career Map. This tool allows instructors, policymakers, and job seeker to explore the broad range of careers available across the entire solar industry. The solar career lattice maps out three dozen solar occupations, charts possible career paths between these occupations, and outlines the skills and training required for each.